About the Artwork

My work is divided into different periods and styles: Rose Colored Glasses. The Children. and the White Blindness Series (excerpts below) are the most recent work. Other series shown include San Francisco Bay Wisdom Log and Once Upon a Time, the latter reflecting some of my older work.


A quick peek at seeing my art in a different light…

Catherine Lecce-Chong

White Blindness Series

The Isolation Icons

Catherine Lecce-Chong

Rose Colored Glasses. The Children.

Catherine Lecce-Chong

San Francisco Bay Wisdom Log

Catherine Lecce-Chong

Zen Calligraphy & Mark Making Series

Catherine Lecce-Chong

Once Upon a Time

Cathy painting Dead Bambi by candlelight

My Story

To be closer to my art, I want and need to use my tactile sense. Have you ever wanted to touch an artwork in a museum or gallery? My creations invite touch.

When I start a new work, I want to feel the loaded brush of one paint color and freely paint the entire canvas surface. No thinking, just feeling. I really enjoy the slight bounce of the canvas responding to the touch of the brush. At the finish of the painting, the original paint color is only left at the border and maybe a few details.

Art has been a sacred practice since early human history. In this global pandemic time, I needed this comfort, being isolated in my studio and in life. Even secular images can become sacred in the making. Certainly, I felt comforted as my studio started to populate with iconic beings. My images became simple, bold, iconic. My isolation…

Andrea, Guide Dog

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Watercolor veil

Buy Artwork

My work is for sale, and a portion of the profits will go to a nonprofit that we choose together. All artwork is $2,200, which includes packing and insurance. Just let me know which piece you’re interested in.

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