About the Artwork Series

My work is divided into different periods: the White Blindness Series is the most recent work. Other series shown include San Francisco Bay Wisdom Log and Once Upon a Time, the latter reflecting some of my work prior to developing more visual impairment.

Unseen, Unsafe, Bambi’s Kingdom

The Isolation Icons

White Blindness

In Progress…

Rose Colored Glasses. The Children.

Knives & Ships

San Francisco Bay Wisdom Log

Words & Communication

Zen Calligraphy and Mark Making

Long Ago…

Once Upon a Time


Catherine Lecce-Chong

In the blink of an eye, in 2018, my life and art changed; I lost much of my vision. Decades of classical western painting or traditional Asian painting and calligraphy, would fade away…  But not the passion or the essential drive to create.

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